October 7th, 2020 – Question 1201

Which animal would you shapeshift into to maximize your laughs if you had to stay the same size? Honestly, I am really surprised that “giraffe” won this one. Maybe it’s because of the long neck. I was friends with this one girl in high school who was really tall and had a long neck and some people called her “Giraffe Girl”, so that wasn’t nice. Classic high school really. Tell us which one you’d pick. Also announcement – the star next to the question? You can favorite questions now.


Honestly, I chose to include this one because I feel like people would be scared of bugs. I’m over 6ft tall so I already feel like a giraffe most of the time and I wouldn’t benefit from turning into a giraffe too much. But you see a 6ft tall bug, and life is different for you after that, people would run screaming in terror. Honestly, it would be a great Halloween prank if nothing else.


Giraffes have made many more appearances on the Bormal site than I had initially thought. Turns out, not only do lions eat giraffes, but people would like to be giraffes, too. We also had a question about what body part of a giraffe you would be if you were a spot on the giraffe, and more than half of y’all picked the neck. Maybe there was something about giraffes that I missed in middle school or whatever.


Whales are cool because they’re huge. I feel like a human-sized whale just wouldn’t go over that well. Maybe you could use it in the pool? Regularly on land, you’ll just end up a literal beached whale depending on where you transform. Maybe you’ll be a soccer field whale. Really, when I think of whales I think of Pinocchio, and if you’re gonna be a human-sized whale, you won’t even be able to hold Pinocchio in your mouth, what’s the point?


Baby elephant. That’s all I can think about this one. You’re a human-sized elephant, you’re basically a baby elephant, maybe even smaller depending on how big you are. Did you know that an elephant pregnancy is like 22 months long and a baby elephant is 200 pounds? I guess that would make being a human-sized elephant pretty cool. What’s the appeal here? The cuteness? The tusks? The trunk? There’s a lot of different appealing things about being an elephant, but the prospect of randomly turning into a huge bug in the mall is just too funny to me.

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