October 4th, 2020 – Question 201

How many times a day do you go to the fridge and open it only to realize that you are not hungry, but rather bored? I personally do this quite often lol. Sometimes, there’s just not a lot to do and I’ll be walking around and there’s the fridge, right there, baiting me to open it.


I’m honestly pretty surprised with this result, most people land in the 0-5 range. This is pretty impressive to me. Sometimes I’ll open the fridge door 5 times just to look in there again in an hour. If you do less than 5 times a day, kudos to you.


I was actually expecting this answer to be the most popular one, but evidently, I was wrong. I think part of the low votes for this, 6%, really is because it ended up on the bottom of the stack because of the way that the database alphabetizes entries.


I think this is my usual. When I’m at home, I’m constantly baited to go open the fridge because it’s just there. It’s sitting there and even in my head I consciously know that the contents of the fridge won’t change every time I open it, it’s the fact that it’s there to open and look at that gets me.


Dang, you really bored bored huh? This is like once an hour on average. I leave my place for a couple of hours a day so, maybe even more than once an hour on average if you’re not home all day. I totally understand the draw, but perhaps it’s best for you to start finding another hobby to relieve your boredom than checking the fridge. Maybe you’re someone who likes to explore that is lacking things to explore.

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