October 2nd, 2020 – Question 918

Have you ever had a pen or pencil actually last you through a whole school year without losing it? Honestly, I’m surprised how many people have, but I guess you do have like 13 tries if you’re in America, and then even more if you go to college.


I’m actually surprised at how low this percentage is, how is it that almost half of the people on our site have managed to keep a pen/pencil through a whole school year? I think part of this phenomenon is that schools tell you to have a pencil pouch or whatever at the beginning of the school year, and then you take things out of it and have to remember to put your pencils back in, and then it becomes a whole mess. Another part of this would be when your friend asks you for a pencil, and what kind of jerk would say no to that? And then 45 minutes later, you totally forget and boom, you’ve lost a pencil. Sometimes, you’re on the other side of this, you ask your friend for a pencil and boom, you have their pencil now, probably until you remember your pencils and then someone else asks to borrow from you.


I only managed this once, and it was senior year of high school and it was because I only had one pencil the entire year, so I really had to keep track of it.

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