September 30th, 2020 – Question 75

Which is your favorite kind of fries? I put five choices here because of two reasons, number one is that I didn’t want to overload you with the number of types of fries there are, and number two is that I could only think of five! When I go over this question with my friends sometimes I’ll get really specific answers, like Bojangle’s cajun fries. Some people are really into steak fries, some people say hash browns or tater tots, and honestly I’m not sure where to draw the line. Are hashbrowns and tater tots fries? Yes? No? Comment what you think below, or vote for yourself on our site!


For me, crinkle cut fries are the ultimate frozen fries, whenever my mom would get frozen fries from the store when I was younger, they would be crinkle cut. Other than that, I’ve never had crinkle cut fries, where in the world do they sell these as a regular side?


Yeah, if you said curly fries I bet you were thinking Arby’s. I feel like they’re known for their curly fries, anytime I go there, I get them. I can’t think of any other fast food places that do curly fries as their signature or go to.


These are like the “classic” fries in my opinion. You get a potato and you just julienne that thing and fry it and boom, shoestring fries. These are like the McDonald’s fries, or if you’re on the West Coast, the In N Out fries. 22% is pretty good, I’m curious which place y’all are thinking these fries are from. I bet if you chose shoestring fries here, you probably also are a fan of white bread.

Sweet Potato

Yeah, I’m not even sure these count as real fries, like in my mind, real fries are just fried potatoes, but I’m not sure if people generally count or don’t count sweet potato fries as fries. I wanted to give an exotic option for people though, I’m sure the vegans love this stuff, at least all my vegan/vegetarian friends in college did. Clearly, most people are not the biggest fan as this sits with the lowest votes at 9%.


Waffle fries are my favorite fries. If you live anywhere near a Chick Fil A, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe not all waffle fries are great, but CFA’s certainly are some of the best. I’m surprised this one’s only at 21% and is trailing SHOESTRING fries, the white bread of fries, and curly fries, which I concede, are great.

What’s your favorite kind of fry? Share with us in the comments below!

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