September 28th, 2020 – Question 169

Can you blow a bubble with gum? I feel like this is mostly just about whether or not you chew gum lol. Tell us if you can blow bubbles on our site.


Yeah, you probably don’t chew gum. This could mean a lot of things, maybe you don’t have an oral fixation, maybe you smoke, maybe you talk a lot, maybe you pick at your lips, I don’t know. I can blow a bubble with gum and I’ve been able to do that since I was like 7 so. Maybe you’re one of those people that’s just never had an inclination to chew gum, I feel like that’s rare but totally possible.


Nice, join the club. Comment how many pieces of gum you go through a week below. I go through like 100. I’m always chewing gum or biting my lips, don’t know why I’ve always got to be chewing something.

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