September 26th, 2020 – Question 337

Do you like spicy food? I think it may come to us as a surprise just how many things relate to whether or not you like spicy food. Vote for whether or not you like spicy food here.


You probably don’t need any extra excitement in your life. You probably also don’t think we live in a simulation. Most people who don’t like spicy food also have a tendency to like sweet foods and soft foods. Did you know that the emotions attached to eating sweet and soft foods are based in anxiety and worry?


People who like spicy food generally crave for some sort of excitement in their life, that’s why they’re eating spicy food – to excite their mouth. I bet you’re also one of the people that doesn’t need to know the rules of a game before playing it. You probably also like stickers. You also likely have some sort of unaddressed sadness in your life, or some other sort of pain point. The pain of lighting your mouth on fire is used to distract from the emotional pain.

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