September 23rd, 2020 – Question 125

Do you like to get paper or plastic bags more at the grocery store? Let’s be real, re-usable bags for the win #savetheenvironment. Go to our site to vote for yourself today.


I think this is the more environmentally conscious one, especially because paper bags for grocery stores are usually made from recycled paper as far as I know, who needs new paper for a grocery bag? I feel like paper bags are also more common in some areas than others, but I’m not totally sure where that geographic divide is. I remember when I went shopping in Belgium they didn’t even have bags regularly, but I’m pretty sure they offered plastic and paper bags you could pay x cents for. I know Whole Foods charges you for paper bags, at least in Seattle they do.


This was honestly the default for me growing up, I mostly lived in suburban areas so I mostly associate plastic bags with that kind of place. Maybe it’s also an east coast thing in the US, I think California, or at least LA and San Diego mostly offered paper bags. The nice thing about plastic bags is they’re easily re-usable as trash bags for small trash cans. The not so nice thing about plastic bags is that they’re made out of plastic which isn’t biodegradable and causes pollution in the ocean which is made for marine wild life.

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