September 18th, 2020 – Question 281

Do you think we live in a simulation? Yeah, I think we do. I think the fact that this went 50/50 is more proof that we live in a simulation. Also, if you’ve noticed something looks different, it’s because we brightened up our background! What do you think of it? Leave a comment below! Remember to check out our site and please pledge $2 to our Kickstarter if you like our stuff!


Okay, so you probably take life pretty seriously, maybe you’re a Christian? You probably also said no to believing in astrology. I guess this is the default state of belief if you haven’t watched the Matrix.


If you’ve seen the spread to the question about if you’ve memorized all the words to any movie, you probably said yes, how in the world can 25% of the people who’ve answered that question say yes? How can anyone have all the words of a movie memorized?

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