September 13th, 2020 – Question 459

Do you believe in astrology? Kind of surprised on the spread for this one. I would have expected there to be more no’s than yes’. Go to our site and check out our Kickstarter!


You’re probably one of those no nonsense type of people, you probably like science. You probably also know that all the horoscopes and descriptions of personalities that apply to people of certain signs are actually broad generalizations. Maybe you’ve written some zodiac horoscopes yourself so you know that all you gotta do is find some slightly relatable things and slap a sign on it. Personally, I found this to work when posting on Instagram. I just had some questions and I slapped signs on there willy-nilly and people loved it. It’s pretty wild.


Good for you. I bet you don’t really believe all the things you see, but you believe the descriptions of the signs that benefit you huh. Although I must admit, most the Scorpios I know have all been the same. Almost every girl I’ve dated has been a Scorpio, and they always like to send me astrology memes. Good thing I like astrology memes too. Anyway, they always send me the same ones too! It’s really weird. It’s almost as if I attract a certain kind of person based on who I am, hmm.

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