September 11th, 2020 – Question 518

Alright, imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk with your two best friends, just the three of you in a line, taking up the whole damn sidewalk. Then you see someone walking towards you, doesn’t this guy know that y’all are tryna take up the whole sidewalk AND it’s COVID season??? What’s this kid doing??? Well, you gotta move now, so what do you do? Other than checking out our kickstarter and site, here’s what what you do says about you!


This is your typical procrastinator. You like to procrastinate? Yeah you do. You wait to see if either of your friends are going to move in a situation like this? I bet you wait until the last minute to turn in your home work too. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, maybe because you’re not even sure if the person walking towards y’all will need you to move, maybe he’ll take a turn or walk off the sidewalk as he tries to obey the 6 ft rule from COVID.

Walk behind

Yeah, this is what most people would do. I’m not totally sure why. For me, if I’m on the side of the sidewalk where the guy coming towards us is walking, I’ll shuffle to the back, because it just makes sense. I gotta clear up the space that’s not on the “right” side of the sidewalk.

Walk in front

I do this if I’m in the middle and the person to my left/right whatever side of the sidewalk the person walking towards us is on doesn’t move, I will just zoom to the front of the group and lead the way. I bet people that usually do this are natural leaders and probably also would be the same kinda person that would be the tip goose as I mentioned in this post

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