September 10th, 2020 – Question 66

Would you prefer a mountain or a beach vacation? What a classic question, tells you a lot about where people are from/who they are. Remember to go to our site and check out our Kickstarter!


I assume this means you live near the coast, because otherwise how are you going to go on a beach vacation? Maybe you’re one of those people that live in an area that’s close to mountains and the beach (shout out North Carolina) and you’re a watery type of person. You probably like summertime, sweet drinks, and cookouts. You’re probably a rather care free person, somewhat of a free spirit if you will. You probably like to stand right at the edge of the water and feel the waves pull away the sand at your feet. Most likely you’re a sunrise/sunset type of person, the sun always looks so beautiful over the ocean.


Similar to the beach one, I’m assuming this mean you live near some mountains, or you really like mountains and you flew across the country to hike for 11 days in the Rockies like my high school chemistry teacher did. You like to hike, if you don’t, I don’t know what else you’d be doing in the mountains. Maybe skiing/snowboarding if you’re in a snowy place. I bet you like fall time (like about 50% of people do). Probably enjoy the high up view, and the high up air. Mountain air always has that extra crisp to it. You’re probably in decent shape since mountain vacations generally require that you can breathe at high altitudes and hike for a while.

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