September 9th, 2020 – Question 384

Where do you like to charge your phone at night? I felt like most of the answers to this would have been “by my bed” because so many people are just tethered to their phone, and I was right. I feel vindicated. Remember to check out our website and Kickstarter!

I don’t

You are fearless and crazy. Kudos to you for not feeling the need to have your phone be charged at night. I assume this means you have time during the day that you charge your phone. This means you’ll either be tethered to a wall somewhere to charge your phone during the day for some time, or you actually spend time away from your phone! That’s kind of an achievement in this day and age. Weird to think about how 10 years ago I never had my phone with me, and now I almost always have it.

By my bed

This is the expected response. Congrats, you’re normal. I mean, “bormal” lol

In another room

Brave. Not as brave as not charging your phone, but brave. I’m curious which room you chose. Are you charging it in the kitchen? In your mom’s bedroom? In your bathroom? Where????

In the living room

Eh, I assume you’re a kid, or an adult with a one bedroom apartment who think it’s good to charge the phone out in the living room. Or maybe, you’re simply out of plugs in your room from all the other electronics you have in there like your computer, lamp, and whatever else people keep in their rooms that plug into outlets.

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