September 8th, 2020 – Question 178

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled daily roasting of our users. Today I’ll talk to you guys about what each of these choices on where you’d fly in a goose formation says to me.


You’re the leading type, the type that is down the take risks, go into the unknown, and lead a group with a facade of fearlessness. Inside, you’re probably just as confused and lost as everyone else, but you’ve got something deep down that tells you it’s okay to be confused and lost. That’s why you’re willing to step up and lead the group to new places, to move when needed, and the perceptive ability to know when you need to move.

Long Tail

Yeah, so I think this is like the “safer” side of things. This is like hey, gonna follow the crowd, they seem like they know what’s up. If you’re at the end of the long tail, you’re a sheep. You probably feel lost inside, and you’re like eh, it’s ok, everyone else is doing x and y, I’ll do that too.

Short Tail

Not as many votes on this, and I’m not totally sure why. I think this is similar to the long tail, except you’re more of a black sheep than a sheep. Still someone who prefers to follow the crowd, but this time you’re more of someone that likes to follow the counter-culture crowd. The crowd says we’re lining up on the right side, you say no, we’re lining up on the left side.

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