September 7th, 2020 – Question 1048

I like the spread of the results on this question. Definitely didn’t know what to expect with it. Remember to go to our site, and follow our Kickstarter!


I want to know what kind of burger everyone who answered this was picturing. Personally, I feel like 1 pound burgers are pretty huge, I mean even the quarter pounder at McD’s is HUGE. How do you picture yourself eating a 1 pound burger?


See, this is even harder than the burger. Who are you? You know how tough burritos are to eat all of? Like the sheer amount of carbs just stuffs me. The beans, the rice, the wrap, it’s huge.


I think this is a pretty reasonable choice. People do hotdog eating contests for a reason right? I just assume that part of that reason is that hotdogs are easy to eat. You just swallow the sausage and try not to choke (hope you don’t have a gag reflex!) and dip the bun in water and gulp it down. Pleasant? No. Probably easier than the rest of the list though.


Okay this is kinda reasonable too, Pizza is pretty heavy in general, I could see how maybe a 1 pound pizza isn’t that much. I know people who claim to be able to eat a whole pizza in one sitting so maybe this is for you. One third of all the voters on this question said pizza so. Maybe the American culture around pizza is also partly to blame for this.

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