September 4th, 2020 – Question 1187

I’m actually pretty sure there’s a real answer to this, but I’m also pretty sure most people don’t know what the real answer is. Crocodiles are generally more aggressive than alligators and salt water crocodiles have the strongest bite strength of any creature measured. However, alligators are faster on land. Now, I have no idea what your vote for either of these really says about you, but the pure fact that you voted instead of skipped means you have an opinion. Remember to visit our website, and follow our Kickstarter.


I think that your answer to this question depends entirely on what associations you have made with these similar creatures while growing up. Most people don’t learn much about either of these animals outside of what elementary/middle school? Unless you live in Florida.


Yeah, I picked this one because my old swim team mascot was the crocodile so. I also know that crocodiles have the strongest bite measured. So, I feel justified in picking this. Maybe it could just 1 bite eat an alligator. I don’t know. I wonder where these things fight, probably in Florida.

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