September 3rd, 2020 – Question 167

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Okay, moving on, what does how you put on pants say about you? I’m not even totally sure, but the results to this question are somewhat interesting to me.

Both legs at once

I feel like this means you’re about efficiency. This also means you’re definitely putting your pants on sitting down, probably on your bed so you can lean back and throw your legs up in the air as you shimmy on your pants.

Left then Right

If you put your left leg in then your right leg in, you’re probably left legged. You might stand when you’re putting on your pants, but most likely, you’re sitting in a chair. Maybe you also sit in your bed, but you don’t lean back to shimmy your pants on up, no. Once you get your left leg nicely in, and your right leg nicely in, you stand yourself up and pull your pants up.

Right then Left

This is the same as Left then Right, except you’re probably right legged. I’m surprised at how close these two numbers are, and how they’re both basically double the both legs at once team. Pretty weird.

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