September 2nd, 2020 – Question 168

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Honestly, not too surprised with the answer spread on this one. I asked this question actually specifically because there is a jellyfish that I saw on a nature doc one time where they talked about how it starts out as a polyp only a few millimeters wide, but it can grow basically infinitely and as it grows, instead of getting a larger mouth, it simply grows more mouths. Unlike many animals that can eat bigger and bigger things as they grow, this jellyfish feeds on plankton its whole life. You can read more about Nomura’s Jellyfish here.

More mouths

Honestly I expect if you said this you’re either trolling, you know about Nomura’s Jellyfish, or you like Lovecraftian horrors. If you didn’t know about Nomura’s Jellyfish, I’d like to know more about how you were thinking this thing would come about, please comment in the comment section below!

Bigger mouth

Yeah this seems to make the most sense from an immediate thought. Not sure how this would go if the animal could grow infinitely though. Would it’s mouth get bigger infinitely as well? Or would the mouth stop growing at some rate? Obviously, in real life the jellyfish is limited by the amount of food it can find and it’s environment, I’m just thinking like what if it starts as a polyp only a few millimeters wide and grows into something the size of a whale? Do whales eat jellyfish?

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