August 31st, 2020 – Question 237

Honestly, this one is a real big indicator of what kind of person you are. Being nice to yourself is essential! If you’re not nice to yourself, who else are you gonna be nice to? Who’s gonna be nice to you? You owe it to yourself to treat yourself kindly.


26% of people say they’re not nice to themselves. This is so bad! This just goes to show how messed up society is. You probably feel down and hopeless about how things are going to go. Maybe you’re a perfectionist living in an imperfect world.


At least most people are “Sometimes” nice to themselves. That’s way better than not being nice to yourself. I still think you should remember to be nice to yourself all the time though. I bet you’re a balanced person, probably okay with how things have gone for your in life so far. You’re probably nice to most other people too.


People who are nice to themselves have it figured out. I mean you can’t only be nice to yourself, but at least you’ll also learn how to be nice to others. Having a kind heart is important.

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