If you’re not failing, you’re not even trying

Thank you to Denzel Washington for this wonderful gem of a quote.

Well we’re failing a lot at A Bormal Company. We haven’t even got CLOSE to our goal of 20% growth per day for like two whole weeks. We are certainly trying though. I have been reaching out to people I know and asking them to check out our site, http://www.amibormal.com, and see if it’s helpful to them. A lot of the responses that I’ve gotten have been “this is great for getting to know your friends” but nothing that really has said this is something that will engage many users and many people.

I want to be able to drive social change and increase the feeling of togetherness that we, as human beings, are being deprived of more and more with the increasing virtualization of everything. Regular social media doesn’t help as people continue to curate it with images to showcase their “best life” on their public profiles. I think that one thing that’s being used to combat this in social media a lot is memes, there have been more and more meme pages popping up on Instagram. Memes allow a certain feeling of connectedness to a larger crowd, and we are offering a similar feeling of togetherness, no matter how weird the things you do are. Memes can only offer this feeling of connection on specific things, and each of our questions offers that, it’s as if each of the questions is a new meme.

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