August 28th, 2020 – Question 236

I don’t actually have a personality commentary section for this. This is simply interesting to me to see that most people talk to themselves! 89% of people who answered this question said yes to talking to themselves and only 11% said no. My question is to that 11%, why not?

I talk to myself a lot, so I’m quite glad that I added this question in there, I feel better that most other people talk to themselves too. I used to be a bit worried that I might be going insane since I started talking to myself more during the pandemic. Actually, I wasn’t just talking to myself, at this point I was also talking to my plants because I read that saying positive things to your plants can help them grow. So, I did. I don’t really consider myself someone who has a green thumb, but hey they living!

Maybe this whole positive talk thing does help, maybe it helps things grow.

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