It’s day 13 of our 60 day challenge. It’s a crazy time. We haven’t been able to reach any of our goals in the last few days. I’m looking for different ways to expand our site, We’re primarily entertainment that is skewed towards some social good, combating the rise of loneliness especially in teenagers and everyone around the world due to COVID. In order to keep our faith strong for the next 47 days of our journey to 2 million users, I’m going to be writing about some quotes that inspire me and why I believe that this is possible. Since faith is generally a term used in religious groups, let’s take that idea and start with it. I’m going to start with a quote from my favorite televangelist, Joel Osteen

“The adversity is temporary, but the glory is eternal”

Joel Osteen

I also chose this specifically, because we really encountering a LOT of adversity recently. First we got banned from Twitter with no explanation (I have emailed them). Then we got capped on our Instagram DMs, which is just trash that they do that, Facebook smh. THEN I DIDN’T HAVE INTERNET FOR LIKE 6 HOURS TODAY. It’s like the world is trying to shut us down. But like they do in video games, if there are challenges coming your way, you’re going to the right direction.

For the next 46 days I will keep the faith in my heart and my head. If you’re reading this, I hope you do too

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