Day 10 Commentary

It’s 1/6th of the way into our 60 day challenge to get 2 million active users. We’re doing meh. I was hoping to get 2500 users by the end of the day, and that looks like it might be quite a hard task. We’re only at 1215 users as of last night, so we’ll have to more than double our user base today. Our Instagram is picking up traction though, and that’s good, but mostly it’s still only 200 something clicks to the website in the last week. So, has been growing slowly. I’m unsure of how to grow it outside of Instagram, but this is a good challenge for me to tackle.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that a LOT of our Instagram followers are in the 13-16 age range, which is surprising to me. Maybe this age is the most insecure in themselves, I suppose that makes sense since psychology has show a rising trend in depression and anxiety rates among teenagers in recent years. We hope that our site is able to help tackle this trend by giving these kids a way to feel less alone in who they are.

A surprising number of people who interact with us on Instagram are named Sofia, in the last 24 hours, we’ve interacted with at least 5 Sofias. I’m guessing this is a popular girl’s name for the 2000s. Or maybe our account just attracts a lot of Sofias.

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