August 24th, 2020 – Question 102

Honestly I just made this one because one of my friends pointed out that I say I don’t know a lot, and it’s true! Most of the time, I don’t know. I feel confused a good amount, but I usually distract myself by focusing on the things that I do know so I feel less confused. So, let’s go through what each one says about you.


This is a pretty low level of confusion, this means most of the time you stick to what you know and probably don’t venture in to the unknown too much, you probably are a fan of order, and dislike chaos.


This is a medium level of confusion, less than half the time, but more than a quarter. i think this is a healthy level of confusion. Part of that confusion time is probably from learning new things, this percentage is for people who like to learn, but know when to take breaks.


Another medium level of confusion, but more than half the time. This means you’d say you’re confused a good amount. This is a rare place to be, are you trying too hard? Or are you not trying hard enough? Hard to say at this percentage, perhaps you procrastinate a lot, perhaps you are in over your head a little in things.


You either a) branched out too much too early, or b) didn’t branch out enough too late. Either everything around you confuses you because you’re afraid of failing and therefore refuse to try new things, or you were overzealous and stretched yourself too thin and now your vast amount of shallow knowledge on a wide array of topics sometimes cross over and you get confused, and confuse those around you.

All the Time

Stop doing so many drugs.


Okay, sure, whatever *eye roll*

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