August 23rd, 2020 – Question 97

I think the way you answer this question probably says a lot about you and how you feel about kids.

“Fuck them kids”

Michael Jordan

Hop the bar

Okay, you have long legs, you are probably a good runner, maybe you even did the steeplechase in high school or college. When you run through this party, kids are gonna be inspired to jump as high as you.

Limbo the bar

Helllllll yeeeaahhhh! You see a good game of limbo going and you say “I’m about it.” Forget running from the police, it’s limbo time!

Run the kids over

Who cares about kids, they’re just small adults. Someone should teach them to have a limbo party in the middle of a police chase, and that someone is you.

Swat the bar

You don’t take shit, why is this bar in your way? Not anymore it’s not. Get that trash outta here, ain’t nobody got time for limbo when you running from the cops, again.

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